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2020 Orthodox Scouting.


On Sunday, February 9th, Orthodox Christian scouts will be honored in their parish communities. The Department of Youth Ministry wanted to take the opportunity to recognize Eva Czukkermann who completed her Girl Scout Gold Award at St. Gregory The Theologian Orthodox Church in Wappingers Falls, NY.


For her project she built four movable benches out of philippine mahogany to place around the fire pit that Nick Metz had built for his Eagle Scout Project. Prior to the benches, church members either had to stand, bring their own chairs or sit on the bricks that are part of the fire pit design. Due to the age of many church members, standing or sitting on the bricks is not possible and bringing their own chairs is not always feasible. The benches will encourage church members to use and enjoy the fire pit.


In addition to having a bench building ‘party’ at the church, Eva organized a potluck dinner to celebrate the benches and the fire pit. She is very thankful for her church community who helped and supported her throughout the entire process.


Archbishop DAVID of Sitka and Alaska, Episcopal Liaison to the Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting, wrote the following in anticipation of next Sunday: “Each year we come to this Sunday in February to celebrate Scouting in our communities. Throughout our country we will join in recognizing the contributions they have all made to our churches and various institutions through their hard work, dedication to duty and love of country and Faith. They have a comradery not found in any other organization. This idea of fellowship in Faith, love and respect for others is the guiding principle that makes their work so beneficial and important.”


Eva, you embody these qualities and your Diocesan family is proud of your service and your accomplishment. May God Grant you many more blessed years! Congratulations!

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